Fabulous Nightlife in Vietnam

Vietnam is identified for its breathtakingly different aspects. Vietnam is a dynamic city with a fabulous and colourful nightlife.  It is most famous all over the globe. From the photogenic sceneries to alluring architecture, Vietnam has it all. Vietnam, a rapidly-growing tourist destination is a fun place to spend your night at! Spend the entire day to treat your eyes and the night to heal your heart by escaping the hubbub. During the city centre, you will find a lot of cafes, bars, coffee shops, clubs and lively pubs .couples are most welcome to enjoy the nightlife. Vietnam is receiving millions of guests every year from all over the world. In many foreigners believe to be the nightlife in Vietnam is much safer.

The Vietnam nightlife is having many of the exciting activities, you can enjoy while on holiday in this impressive country. Vietnam has something for everyone. Here available some of the cheapest drink beer in the world. But the nighttime fun doesn’t plainly extend to drinking. You can spend some time to the excellent culture shows, popular Vietnamese traditional dance shows, and Water Puppet Shows. Taxis are always available on the roadways, but walking is your best choice because of mostly the nightlife attractions are within walking distance. Alcohols are available at a cheap Rate. Hanoi is people friendly and the very safest place to visit

Here are a few things to do in Vietnam once the sun goes down!

Explore Pham Ngu Lao


If you are someone who takes pleasure in long walks and late-night bites, this place is just for you. There’s nothing much you can do with two dollars, but here in Pham Ngu Lao, you can treat yourself with a special beer and mouth-watering street food. Try the Saigon special beer to quench your thirst and taste the delicacies from the street vendors and finish your day!

Stroll around the Starlight Bridge


Imagine leading your partner with their eyes closed and surprising them with a serene, fountain adorned with bright lights! Take a stroll around the Crescent lake and take a break from the hurly-burly city! Sharing new, simple and fanciful adventures like these with your loved one not only sounds romantic but is also budget-friendly!

Saigon Opera House


The theatre highlights many high profile performances and cultural activities is most popular in the city. If you are a person who loves watching cultural plays, events and traditional dance shows this magnificent landmark is a must visit in the Ho Chi Minh City! Saigon Opera house showcases masterpieces of the world and the Vietnamese culture.

Midnight munching


If you don’t plan on spending on nights in the hotel room, try the local street food! Take a scooter tour around the city. You can try the variety of mouthwatering street foods and treat your self with a special beer. This is the best way to enjoying the nightlife, why spending our nightlife in a single room?.

Beach bars in Phu Quoc


Beach bars in Phu Quoc is the best place to start your nightlife in Vietnam. This is a perfect place to spend some times with your loved ones, this beach bar offers fun activities, you can join in a game of beer pong.  The beer pong game is most popular in Phu Quoc Bar. If you are not interested in joining the game then you can sit in a comfortable chair and sip some glass of beer and enjoy the views of the beach. Here you can find a relaxed vibe on a night time. This is a comfortable place for families and families. you can enjoy while on holiday in this impressive Beach bars.

Go sky-high Bar


This is one of the best visiting areas and lots of colourful nightlife activities are available. The Go sky-high Bar is the highest bar in Ho Chi Minh, This is the most fashionable place in town, the neon lighting effect and the cabaret dancers, Clean environment and Cosy atmosphere will give a rich look and attract many visitors. If you are in Vietnam, don’t miss to visit the Go sky-high Bar because Good selection of drinks available,  local and worldwide DJs are participating in the weekends, and Use of Friendly team.

Vietnam Nightlife in Hanoi


The Hanoi is the little paradise for nightlife(especially for Saturday night). plastic chairs present open-air seating and street peddlers serve delicious bites there, too. This is the place you can able to buy lower cost beers. If you are a plan to enjoy your nightlife on pen air climate with delicious foods means the Hanoi is your perfect choice. This is a luxurious bar and hotels with tasty wines and cocktails.

Vietnam Central Circus has animal performances, that is the evening activities for kids. If you are travelling with your kids then this the perfect spot for your kids. Also, the Water Puppet Theatre is a comfort for both grown-ups and kids alike.

Hero Club Hanoi


The hero Club Hanoi is the best nightclubs in Vietnam. The nightlife venue was built in industrial-style. Opening time is 10.00pm to 3:00 AM. International DJs are participating in live music. The party sound is definitely loud and burning. This is your comfort place when you come with a group of people or single. If you are love to spend your time on party night then undoubtedly the Hanoi is your ideal place.

Ben Thanh Night Market


This is the best place to spend your nighttime. It was opening from 7.00pm to 12.00am and the market has everything from food to fashion shops. Phan Boi Chau Street is the location of this night Market. This market street was attracted millions of visitors per year. Enjoy your nighttime with shopping. You must visit this crowded market street on your occasion and buy some useful product.

Chill Sky Bar


The Chill Sky Bar is the Vietnamese best place for nightlife. The Bar was opening from 5:30 PM to 2:00 AM.  District 1 on the 25th floor of AB Tower is the location of this beautiful bar. The Chill Sky Bar is refreshing your tensioned mind. The neon lightings, best kind of music and the sizzling dance floor will attract the visitor. You can spend your night time with fun parties. There are many facilities available for new visitors.

Crazy Kim Bar Restaurant


The Crazy Kim Bar Restaurant is the perfect place for foodies and party lovers. Here available all varieties of foods and worldwide DJs are participating on weekends. Crazy Kim Bar Restaurant will make your nightlife more colourful and memorable. The bar restaurant has astonishing Vietnam and Mexicanese for divers, it has underwater chatting section, and for If you are tired after dancing, The Crazy Kim Bar Restaurant got swings dotted throughout the bar area!. The opening time for this Bar Restaurant is  5:00 PM to 2:00 AM., if you are in Vietnam, don’t forget to visit this fun and friendly Crazy Kim Bar Restaurant.

Dive Bar Hoi An


The Dive Bar Hoi An is the most famous nightlife spot for live music, dance and Drinks. Bar Sofas, garden courtyard, pool tables, and an internet café, these facilities are available here. Dive Bar Hoi An was covered with full of a fun-loving crowd from worldwide. It will refresh your mind.  The opening from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM. this is the best place to find your fun night. Must visiting this colourful night bar once on your life with your friends.

Flightless Bird Cafe


Flightless Bird Cafe is one of the most famous spots among the visitors, the Cafe is best for team parties. The cafe has a beautiful balcony on the 2nd floor and that offers impressive scenes of the harbour the indoors advance for an excellent ambience to sit and read the books. The Cafe opening from 6.30 pm onwards. Come and Enjoy your colourful nightlife with tasty coffee.

Indochina Junk Dinner Cruise


Spend your evening timing on Indochina Junk Dinner Cruise. Here available varieties of mouth-watering foods, and some quiet music in the background. This is the perfect place for families and friends, especially for couples.  Indochina Junk Dinner Cruise openings from 6.00 pm onwards. Enjoy your special evening time with delicious foods

Spend your pleasant nightlife in Vietnam. You can try the variety of mouthwatering street foods and treat your self with a special beer. Spend your nightlife on stunning pubs and clubs in tourist place Vietnam with your loved one. This is the best way to explore the nightlife,     Why spending your nightlife in a single room?.

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