Admiring nightlife in Amsterdam


In this Busy world, people are running toward work and money. They do not have time to relax. So the people need some mind free activities on their holidays. When compared with the day live entertainment, Most of the people like to explore the nightlife.  

Amsterdam nightlife


Amsterdam is an active city with a fabulous and colourful nightlife.  It is most famous all over the globe. Many visitors are like to visit Amsterdam to enjoy the colourful nightlife. During the city centre, you will find a lot of cafes, bars, coffee shops and clubs. The Great night clubs hosting in worldwide DJs, most of the youngsters like these programs in the nightlife. You might be invited to have a look at the exciting areas are the Leidseplein, Rembrandtplein, and also the most famous Red Light District at one time on your life, and couples are most welcome. Amsterdam is one of Europe’s best party destinations, receiving millions of guests every year from all over the world. In many foreigners believe to be the nightlife in Amsterdam is much safer

Here are the best places to enjoy Nightlife in Amsterdam  :

Cafe Weber Lux


Leidseplein is the location of cafe Lux and cafe Weber. The cafe provides a special and cosy environment for an entertaining night out. Both of the cafes are active in all the moment. If you are going to dance, before that you like to have a few drinks, this is the best place for you looking. Both cafes provide a lot of seating and these two bars are very popular, When you are at Cafe Lux and Weber, you are at a favorite of musicians, artists, students and foreigners. Guaranteed, the fans and experience are varied every night.

Visitors facilities in Cafe Weber Lux

Good selection of drinks available,  Great service, Awesome songs on the play by the bar staff (Good range of music played, including DJs in the weekend). and Use of Friendly team. WiFi is available on request, Clean environment and Cosy atmosphere.



Melkweg gives various forms of art like dance, music, movies and so on, in a separate place. The Movies play at the top of the home in a movies screen, and best media and picture-taking shows are taking place at the back of the Melkweg Cafe. This Melkweg bar has something to enjoy for everyone. Formerly a dairy factory, outlet for creativity in Melkweg was founded in 1970. Nowadays youngsters are mostly like to visit here, but the venue also greets old, experienced and inexperienced For trial and traditional programming. You must be an above 16 years old for most of the night programs in Melkweg. The Melkweg organized enthralling live shows featuring globally popular DJs, Dutch dancers, hip hop performers and Kill all Hipsters party. If you visit this Melkweg programs on the night, definitely that is the most fun and memorable moment in your life

Cafe Noorderlight


Cafe Noorderlicht is the best place to spend time with your friends on the night, and Cafe Noorderlight is the only one like no other place in the city, this is the best spot for  Relax on the terrace, soak up some sun and look up the bright blue water. Take a fast snack to eat, and have a glass of drink with colleagues. If you are in Amsterdam must visit this quite cafe Noorderlight with your friends.  

Jimmy Woo


Jimmy Woo is located near the Leidseplein, it is a luxurious night club. You will be impressed by the design of the club decorating and blown away by the music. This is the most well-known club in Amsterdam, found the ideal on the principle nightlife entertainment band. This bar offers a lot of facilities and funny activities inside the club, have a drink and relax upstairs or dance to the DJ downstairs. This attraction dance club has to a great extent crowded and numerous teenagers like this hotel. Peoples have a unique experience at Jimmy woo in every night and the space of this club fitting for above 600 people. End of the weekdays have the vast group when contrasting and the weekdays in light of the fact that at the end of the weekday have an expansive horde of universal artists and party goers. Jimmy Woo is one of the best spots to make your night party for more fun. You should visit this club once in your lifetime and it was worth to visit.



Panama is a classy bar, This club has more spacious for visiting more guests. Here participating Bests of the worldwide DJs like Danny Tenaglia,  Tiesto, Mark Knight and Chuckie. That music and their performances are attracting to the visitors, combines of superb classy dining, winning and rock dances together on this club. The best light settings and pleasant music will attract visitors. The club is open from Midnight to 5 am. There is a functioning nightlife in Amsterdam. on the off chance that you spend in any event once to the clubs at night, at that point you will return once more.

Sugar Factory– Sizzling night theater


The sugar factory is one of the best places to spend time with your friends. The sizzling night theater was situated in Lijnbaansgracht. The sugar factory is a breeding ground for future talent, live bands, novice singers, songwriters and music composers. This factory is most famous for entertaining the people in live performances of globally reputed DJs like Lunice, Andre Crom, and Black Coffee. weekends have Live jazz shows, these live shows are attracting the many visitors especially for foreigners. The sizzling night theater makes your night more romantic, so this is the perfect place for lovers. Opening hours from Midnight to 5 am. Don’t miss to visit this sugar factory with your loved ones.

Club air – Where Music is always in the Air


Club air is a state of art with groundbreaking new features that introduces you multi-level dance floors and five different amazing jazzy bars found in Amstelstraat area. Club air melts you with its pleasing rhythm and dazzles with acoustic music tools. It also charms you with buzzing music from techno to hip hop. The crowd engaged there, the blue-ribbon cuisine and international features manifested makes you feel at heaven. The ravishing audiovisual setup, the photoelectric wardrobes, and the vivid interiors enhance the overall grace of this place. The peculiar thing about the club air is that, apart from party and music it has introduced AIR Card to make your transactions smooth and hassle-free, unlike other clubs



Radion is the most popular night club in Amsterdam. This club is most comfortable for mini parties with a group of people. If you are arranging a party with your team then Radion is your best choice. The light settings and the sounds of music are most impressive, and The Girls are dancing everywhere in the club, also  Friendly staffs and their dress code was most attractive to the visitors, In the underground of the club have a smoking room. If you are love to smoke this smoking room is your best destination. If you are in Amsterdam must visit this place for the night, the Radion makes your nightlife for unmemorable

Erotic Museum in Amsterdam


Erotic Museum in Amsterdam is one the best place to visit with friends at night. This is the 17th-century canal house, here you have to notice the aged stone plate with a grand sentence. Inside of the museum has a shop with erotica memorials and having an exhibition on three floors up, that is about the red light district and about eroticism. Inside of the museum having plenty of rooms of the Red Light District prostitute with the wax figure of the models and working girl, the most cutest girl was sitting in front of the admin. Besides plenty off the old sensual pictures, also impressive serious of John Lennon’s lithographs and a dense set of erotic artwork. This Erotic Museum in Amsterdam makes your night visit for a more romantic visit.

Boom Chicago


This boom Chicago is the greatest visiting spot. This is comfortable for family and friends trip If you are seeing the entertaining night out or something make you laugh then the best choice is a boom. This comedy club, established by American refugees, will make you laugh so stimulating that it will beat your stockings off. It was located in the middle of Amsterdam, this laughing club is the ideal place to end your night (Sometimes start your night out with this laughing treatment in Boom Chicago ). Visitors have lots of impressive shows. you can complete your evening out with a glass of drinks. The student has a super special discount Wednesday nights. So come and enjoy your night out in Boom Chicago.

Banana Bar


The banana bar is the most popular bars in Amsterdam. The bar located nearby the red light District, here the ladies serves you have some skills up their sleeves. This is an excellent place for a Bachelor party. Enjoy your night out in banana Bar with your friends.

Red light district


The red light district was the most famous in a night out, this area always invited by a group of visitors wandering in the ways of streets and looking at the windows with ladies in them. Small cafes and restaurants found nearby the street and that cafes always have a crowd.This Red light street mainly focus on the foreigners, many beautiful ladies are outside the street and they are impressed the visitors. This place is best for Bachelor.

Bourbon Street – Party with your Pocket Money


The bourbon street is the only spot that deserves anyone spending their time and money, which facilitates you with a pleasant informal and a homey set up with eternal music that instinctively makes you energetic among the vibrant crowd. Since the bourbon street has started in 1990, the most celebrated musicians such as Bruce Springsteen, Joss Stone, Jeff Healey, Bobby Kimball, and Rolling Stones have done their concerts here. The bourbon street performs its tunes on all weeks of the month. It performs jazz, blues, and other bands too. The main part of the bourbon street is that it conducts live salsa and Latin music. The most unique and special thing about the street is that it provides you with an ample list of craft beer, rum, vodka, house brews and the plethora of cocktails at a terribly low cost that makes the venue a hot spot among the young crowd.



This is the most popular rooftop bar in Amsterdam, this canvas bar was situated at the 7th floor of old industrial construction, The view of this canvas has attracted the visitors,  In behind the Bar glass will present an amazing view of the south of the city. It was the benefit of the Canvas Bar. worldwide DJs are performing, especially on Friday and Saturday night, and Tuesdays have live music in the bar. The bar allows a kind of mixed cocktails, a pleasant environment and one of the best aspects in Amsterdam. Don’t miss to visit this canvas bar on your night out.



Schuim is the other best place to visit with your friends, this is not only a fabulous spot to relax a coolness escape during the day but it is also the best bars in Amsterdam through the night.  This bar is most comfortable for local peoples, and also the price was most comfortable. The little dancing floor attracts youngsters. Experienced DJs are performing on the ground floor, and girls are dancing everywhere on the floor. You should visit this Schuim bar and enjoy your night out.

Best entertainment available at night in Amsterdam, There is never at any point a dull minute loaded up with stillness in this city. Amsterdam is recognized to be as safe as in the night as in the day, especially for single or couple, be it alone or with a group of people, all of this above-mentioned scenario safe and entertainment is guaranteed at night in Amsterdam.