Exciting nightlife in Colombo


Colombo, being the primary city in Sri Lanka, has a vivacious and extreme nightlife. May it be the engaging Casinos, night clubs, awesome bars or extravagance eateries. With regards to night excitement, Colombo is your place! Not substantial on the pocket, nightlife in Colombo is the best in the nation. Regardless of whether you’re a gathering creature or somebody who’d while away time with a chilled lager scoring to incredible music here’s a rundown of the best puts for nightlife in Colombo that would most likely intrigue you!! 

1. W Lounge:


Hang out by the chimney and test little plates. Tune in to visitor and inhabitant DJ’s who were handpicked by music custodian Braun Dapper. In case you’re here for vivid mixed drinks before the show at Wilbur Theater, you’re following some great people’s example.

2. Barefoot Garden Cafe:

barefoot garden cafe sri lanka

Sitting behind the Barefoot Store, the Barefoot Garden Cafe is and in the current style bar that is normally called a desert nursery of calm. Among the jewels of Sri Lanka nightlife, Barefoot demonstrates a rich menu of step by step specials with an arrangement of wine and various refreshments to investigate. Do endeavour their flavorful Black Pork Curry and Spinach Quiche. Late-night gigs, close by Colombo Pub Quiz night (Wednesday), are key attractions of this accommodating and true bistro.

3.  Hikkaduwa and Marrissa:

Hikkaduwa and Mirissa sri lanka

Hikkaduwa and Mirrissa are along the west and south shoreline of the country. These are the essential territories for the exceptional coastline fests. Among them “I Love Una” And “The Hikka Fest” stands out in being the best. Shoreline volleyball, Surfing, Swimming, Seafood cooking, and noisy music will make your excursion in Sri Lanka a connecting with one. You can find various Night clubs here. In Pooja occasions, all bars and clubs are shut in SriLanka. Be cautious with touts and shoreline youngsters, dress accommodating yet sharp, and you can value night out in Sri Lanka. We intend to wind up familiar with our clients and their needs and offer them an extraordinary thing and a capable and individual organization. It’s your visit, you state correctly what you need, we understand how to make it go, and at an expense to suit your pocket. We have various sorts of Ready made Nightlife Tour Packages and Tailor-made group which will be planned by your flight schedule and various interests! The expenses are open upon request. Rates change dependent upon the time and the number of people voyaging. 


Finding a decent club in Colombo is, to a more noteworthy degree a task as bars are the most outstanding decision. In any case, don’t be weakened as there are clubs to peruse (but obliged) should you wish for irrefutable clubbing. The internal circle and Disques are the top-endorsed, but exorbitant. Folks are referenced to pay an additional charge and drinks are costly; notwithstanding, the music is seen as high, with an extent of hip-hop tunes and current hits. 

Not Feeling Colombo Nightlife?

If you don’t extreme a night stacked with drinking in Colombo, there are other bewildering decisions. You can take a guided night voyage through the city and see Colombo from another perspective. Urban territories normally feel like two shocking spots during the day, and during the night, Colombo is no exclusion to this. The guide solidifies a vessel ride on the Diyawana River and spreads lots of interesting goals. Another alternative is to watch the sunset at Mount Lavinia.

4. Bellagio Casino:

Bellagio Casino in sri lanka

Bellagio is possessed by a similar gathering that claims Bally’s and MGM gambling clubs. The main distinction is that Bellagio takes into account white collar class guests. In Colombo, this place is one of the best night places for having party or hangout with friends. There are also many games for your fun like Asia Poker, Roulette, Slot, Black Jack, Baccarat and Three Card Poker. Bellagio Casino is strategically placed in all uninteresting. The progression is with the end goal that hotshots are toward the end and low stake tables are at the passageway. When you become well known, the beverages and sustenance are free. The air is in every case enthusiastic and sprightly as some commend their success while others show signs of improvement next time. The spot in the betting universe of Three Card Poker, Roulette, and Black Jack.

5. Traveller’s Bar:


Voyager’s Barat the Galle Face Hotel is a genuine treat to come down to and taste on a mixed drink in this one of a kind setting. Appreciate the marvelous perspectives as the sun sets and you absorb the hues with one of their delightful mixed drinks. 

6. Curve Bar:


This well-known spot takes its name from the since quite a while ago bent a bar, which closes by the purple insides, causes this a wake-to up for the faculties when you stroll in. There’s extraordinary unrecorded music all the time to go with their excellent mixed drinks.

7. Cycling Through Colombo:


Burning through the disorder of traffic in Colombo may sound a bit of scaring from the start, however, this painstakingly developed course enables you to sidestep a significant part of the packed in rush hour gridlock permitting you a generally simple entry. A well-determined reinforcement vehicle even goes about as a boundary among you and the real swell of vehicles guaranteeing that you never feel in danger anytime. Well being consistently starts things out on this experience, and we’re totally serious here. You’ll begin with a careful well being preparation with your neighbourhood have who will outfit you with all that you requirement for an agreeable and down to earth night cycling background from an intelligent security coat and head protector through to sparkle stick wristbands! Beginning in Independence Square – a most loved for nearby joggers and furthermore the grounds of the remembrance corridor recognizing the part of the bargain rule – you’ll step through a couple of exams adjusts on the region’s bicycle ways before you begin on the streets. Your host will bring you into the Arcade – when a psychological refuge – and out to the Racecourse, where he’ll clarify the astounding history of these milestones. From that point, you’ll paddle all the way to the finish of Cinnamon Gardens, Colombo’s most world-class neighbourhood, and after a short stop for tea and some Indian desserts, you will advance over to the business region of Slave Island and on to the authentic region of Pettah. Here you will see the Gangaramaya and Seema Malakaya 

Although Colombo does not have many famous must-see sights, the city has plenty of charm, lovely and welcoming people, delicious food, plenty of fascinating history and old beautiful colonial buildings, interesting religious buildings, nice parks and gardens, and a great front porch along the shore of Sri Lanka in Galle Face Green.  Sri Lanka nightlife which is combined with Sri Lanka’s notoriety for being an accommodating spot fill your night with extraordinary recollections and new companions.