About Me

Hi friends! Welcome to my website www.mementoberndzangerl.com. We are a group of party lovers who love to explore various countries and its nightlife. Since 2018, I and my team have been sharing about our best trips for travel devotees. Our blogs cover nightlife in various countries, travel advice and also about living in abroad. I am originally from Florence, Italy, studied in New York, lived in Antwerp, Belgium and at present am living and working in London.

If you are searching for countries with the combination of lively, beautiful and young crowds and home for tasty and affordable home-brewed beer, you need to browse our blogs. Nightlight is awesome where you can move your legs to techno at large clubs, casually sip on the beer relaxing at a pub or beer garden and also meet new people at the bars. Hope you enjoy reading our blog. Do share your suggestions and comments in our comment box.